Architectural + Structural

The process all starts here.

In its purest form, design is a process of problem solving. Where the constraints of the site, city codes, budget and physical environment are all analysed. Through this analysis, an idea; a plan and a design emerges.


Drafting + Engineering

Drafting is how we represent our design intent. Engineering is how we quantify the strength and stability of the structures we design.


3D Modeling

Using this medium we can analyse our designs in a three dimensional format, to catch inconsistencies or potential problems one can miss while simple using a two dimensional format.


3D Rendering

Using this medium we can better envision the proposed design scheme as it relates to its environment.

Example: How the sun hits the building and how the landscape compliments the structure, etc.


Permitting & Construction

Once all the designing is complete City Approval is required. Once this is achieved we begin the construction process.


Construction Management

Continues observation and multiple site visits are made to ensure the design intent is preserved and the quality of work is up to par during the construction process.